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Hazel Jones - A British woman with two vaginas 

Hazel Jones from High Wycombe, England, has two vaginas. She said she has lost her virginity twice. When she was a teenager, she had always wondered why she was suffering from terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty.

Until 14, she knew her rare condition after hearing the doctor’s diagnosis.

The 27 year-old blond girl revealed her unique condition in ITV television program hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

She admitted to enjoy having two vaginas. “Once I know, I need to tell everyone. I thought it was amazing and it must be horrendous,” she said.

Dawn Harper the doctor explains, a rare medical condition suffered by Jones is called uterus didelphys. It occurs when a barrier between two tubes that form the uterus fails to break down during development, leaving two internal channels.

“Both tubes have made two separate uterus, two vaginas, and two cervixes. It’s really a very rare case, one in a million case,” said Harper.

Hazel Jones said,”My quirky condition does not make me shy or hold me back. In fact, it’s something I celebrate.”


Hazel Jones has a condition called “uterus didelphys" that affects 1 in 3000 women.
After appearing on TV last week discussing her condition the young lady has attracted the claws of the porn industry crooners!

Hazel has been approached by the founder of adult entertainment company Vivid Entertainment to do a film for a whopping $1 million dollars!
Did the blonde take the deal?! The answer is NO.
Hazel expressed this morning the idea is absolutely preposterous, saying:
"I have never received any offers of this kind of work nor word I never consider doing it in a million years. I just want to be left alone"