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Chris Adams is known for its creative mix of base fragrance notes and is made by a group of scent professionals who make a mark in the industry by producing quality fragrances that suit different types of people.

 All the products they create are made of the highest quality ingredients that keep their customers coming back whenever they have a new collection out.

Below is the list of available fragrances and they are going very cheap;

There's nothing sexier than a man or a woman who knows how to extend their look and personas up to the scents that they wear. It shows other people that they are in control and they know exactly what they want. Scents are powerful tools that can help you show other people what you're made of, so it should never be taken lightly. Choose your scent right and make it a fragrance that is exclusively made by Chris Adams – a perfume maker who knows how important it is for you to make the right impression, right down to the perfume you are wearing.


* Your scent lingers in the room long after you have left it so make sure that you are leaving a good one with Chris Adams Perfumes.
* The Platinum Collection is a selection of scents that are excellent additions to any perfume collector’s repertoire. It has fruity and flowery notes for women and sexy amber and woody scents for men.
* These perfumes are carefully blended to ensure that they last long and that they smell pleasant and memorable. They also come in beautifully crafted bottles that speak of the perfume’s quality and value.

For info or delivery call, 0784800004