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Acquaintanceship and Friendship

Knowing someone, working together, sharing the same office block, or the same parking space or the same canteen does not automatically make you friends. Conversing with someone everyday, sharing jokes and stories about your horrible bosses does not automatically mean that you are friends either. It takes a lot more than sharing same things for people to become friends.

I have had people in my life whom at one point in I considered them to be my friends, but time and distance has taught me otherwise. Time and distance has taught me how to differentiate between "Friends" and "acquittance". Those people you meet, get along, work together and sometimes work together are not always friends. The word friend refers to a more deeper relationship, a bond so strong that it can not be easily broken, no time neither distance can come between the bond of a true friendship.

I have met people throughout my years of school and college and now work, I became acquainted with most of these people, but in twelve years of my life I have made less than five friends. Friends who no matter how far they are and no matter how far they are they always seem to be just a text away or a call away and everything suddenly feels okay. People who knows us, love us despite our shortcomings, will sail through thick and thin with us and will always be there at the end of every race to tell us that we did great even if we did not win, that is what I call friendship

I was moved to write this today because of something that just happened to me. Someone that I have known for a very short period of time but I grew to understand and like, but then It clicked me that she is just a workmate and an acquittance of mine and not a friend. In the end it is important to be able to distinguish between our friends and our acquittance, and always remember....

'.... to never mistake acquaintanceship for friendship"