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LULU: That girl (Kasichana kale) by Jacqueline Mgumia

Nilikua napitia blogs mbalimbali asubuhi hii na nikakutana na hii article ya huyu dada. Nikiwa mmoja wa watu ambao nipo kinyume kabisa na suala la kumuhukumu LULU bila uthibisho nimeguswa mno na hii article. Big up Jackie 

By Jacqueline Mgumia

Dear TGNP members, young feminists and those in support of our sisters, I think we have a role to play in understanding Lulu's case, its context and her future charges in relation to Kanumba’s death. This portrays a classic relationship between private and public life.

I think it is a platform for expanding and demanding for women’s right issues in our current context - the media space. We should follow up the tragedy to understand what is at stake in relation to women’s rights, images and representations on the media and legal spaces, specifically how domestic spaces make life so vulnerable.

Thus far, Lulu is in rumande, accused, suspected, or associated with  Kanumba's death. Unfortunately, public opinion is against Lulu as she is condemned and demonized for her loose sexual conducts, a fact which could easily forge her rights in regard to the accusations or, if found innocent, her security in the public domain will be threatened.

I am not saying she is innocent, but I always wonder why only young superstar women are labeled as loose or malaya! And, yes, if she has been malaya or bad, so what? Is this only bounded/confined to a moral question? Is this about good girls and bad girls? Does this mean she deserves to be accused without being listened too? Does this justify one being declared guilty without a fair trial or being understood?

Some people say YES! Kaache kasote rumande ama kaende jela, maana, asiyefunzwa na mamaye atafunzwa na ulimwengu! I say NO, mnyonge mnyongeni lakini haki yake mpeni!

This is not a claim for being guiltless, rather it is a call to allow police and medical practices as well as procedures to rule the investigations, not the hyped media opinion of kale kasichana.

Justice is for everyone, those good and bad, those present and absent. If the investigation finds any association or relation of her conducts to be incriminating that will be a different question of the law and lawyers will choose positions.

Human right activists, feminists and the media, how do we associate  ourselves with those labeled bad or indeed bad on culture lenses? Do we choose to remain in silence on whose lenses we are trading?

I speak not because she is a woman and young, as that could be doing injustice to our late Kanumba and being biased on a purely gender stance, rather it is to engage with the notion of good and bad girls in the media and its implication on women representation in general, and especially in our digital generation.

Lulu is still in rumande, maybe a quick and quiet visit will help us understand what is happening to her and perhaps make a decision if it is a case we might want to follow. We should start by getting facts right by acknowledging that Lulu is prejudged because of her character, and that can never be right or fair.

This is not about Lulu, it is about Wema, Ray C, Yasinta, and many young women like her in the movie and music industry; the platform is rough and tough, providing different experiences to female artists, of which we know very little about.

We need to start engaging with these spaces, as these young women define the good and bad girls in subtle but very important ways!

This is not about that girl! It is about understanding what is happening in domestic spaces, where both men and women rights could easily be abused in silence. It is about engaging with misunderstood women using our lenses to make sense of their stories and realities so as to inform ourselves on diverse issues facing women. It is about understanding the perceptions and cultures that influence practices and outcomes of laws.

I pray for Kanumba the Great that he may rest in peace and, at this point, I should declare that he was one of the Tanzanian actors that I  gave respect to for his achievements; however, his latest movie MOSES, which is centered on hate on women, left me wishing to meet him and chat about impacts of such contents on women. Indeed he has left us very young. He will be greatly missed.

As he rest in peace tomorrow and justice is found for his sudden death, let Lulu - before the law and public - be judged and treated with fairness regardless of being that girl - kasichana kale!