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Most interesting and shocking celebrity Transformations

1.Christian Bale in  (The Machinist)

For this role of insomniac Trevor Reznik, Christian Bale lost 28.5 KG (63 pounds) for his role in this film. In order to lose weight, he ate one apple and one can of tuna per day. This is the largest amount of weight any actor has lost for a film. It was a hard decision for first and second place on this list – but Bale came first because he has managed to gain and lose weight rapidly for various roles – all within a short time frame.

2.Gerard Butler in (300)

Gerard Butler bulked himself up for his role in 300 as King Leonidas. The result of his efforts is the envy of virtually every geek in the world!

3.Eric Bana in (Chopper)

Here Bana gains weight and loses muscle mass to play the part of Mark Read. This film tells the intense story of Mark “Chopper” Read, a legendary criminal who wrote his autobiography while serving a jail sentence in prison.

4.Vincent D’Onofrio in (Full Metal Jacket)

D’Onofrio gains an immense amount of weight to play the part of the somewhat simple Private Pyle in this brilliant Kubrick film.

6... Tom Hanks (Cast Away)

Hanks lost an immense amount of weight for his role in Castaway. When he starts out in the film he is his normal weight – over the duration of filming he slowly slims down to almost dangerous levels.

7.Edward Norton (American History X)

With American History X, Edward Norton really changed the way people looked at him. For this film he bulked up and plays a hard-nosed white supremacist.

8.Donie Wahlberg (The Sixth Sense)

Here we see the normally buff actor Donnie Wahlberg (brother of Mark Wahlberg – AKA Marky Mark) slimming down to play a psychotic patient of the character played by Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense.

Some of the other greatest transformation of popular celebrities are as follows in Pictures

Some movies require actors and actresses to wear costumes or to apply basic makeup to take on a specific role, or even to change their hair color or lose weight. We have seen celebrities shed off their glamorous skin and almost magically transform to give life to some of cinema's most unforgettable characters. Here is collection of some amazing celebrity transformations that rocked Hollywood in past few years.