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#286: Gum Wrapper Spider

Gary Duschl with his gum wrapper chain
I always wanted to make a gum wrapper purse or a gum wrapper necklace...until I realized what a pain in the butt they are to link together! But at least I used my favorite gum labels for this spider. Black Jack black licorice gum isn't for everyone (maybe it's just for me), but there's no denying that the sharp blue and black label is charmingly retro and needs to be on a T-shirt. (If only you knew how many ideas I have for T-shirts on a daily basis.)

Did you know there's actually a Guinness world record for the longest gum wrapper chain? Well, you do now. Gary Duschl of Virginia Beach, VA, has the record-holding chain, which as of March of this year is 66,835 feet long. When I think about quitting my spider project, I think about the motivation it must take to link together more than 1.5 million gum wrappers. I would probably question my sanity, and so would you!

Materials: Black Jack gum wrappers, Modge Podge sealant, round black acrylic bead, light blue and black bugle beads, light blue E beads, black seed beads, silver wire