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This issue has been really bugging me. I have been trying to think of reasons to justify why most people end up cursing their Ex's new partners without any reason at all. I'm speaking from my own expirience as I have been an ex girlfriend and also I am someone's Ex 's Girlfriend, and I have come up with conclusions of my own; now you can correct me if you think I'm wrong or add whatever you think I may have forgotten to mention.

1. The Feeling of Betrayal:
   When you break up with someone with whom you had an emotional ties with, the feeling of remorse is expected to be there. Whether you broke off the relationship or not. It is normally expected that after breaking up with someone; one needs time to recover from their past relationship. So when one partner moves on quicker than the other partner, that feeling of being betrayed can not be escaped, especially If the partner who seemed weak becomes the first one to move on.

When you believe that someone loves you so much and can not live without you and oooops! you realise that he/she started going out with someone the same week you dumped him that must hurt, No? I have been there in both situations and I know that feeling of being betrayed. But I also know how it feels when Your partners ex starts Insulting you.

2. Seeking Comfort:
   Most people believes that the person who replaces them in their Ex's life is more physically appealing to that partner than they were. Well this is true to some extent because people have different reasons of why they enter in a relationship with someone. But again this is not necessarily a rule, sometimes it's all about happiness and comfort that one gets from someone which makes them enter in a relationship with someone. 

So this feeling (which actually always makes someone feel ugly) leads to people being unreasonable about how they treat their Ex's and their love life. Being hurt hurts but making a fool of yourself by continuously insulting your Ex's love life only shows how desperate and unhappy you really are.

3. Obsession
     When you break up with someone and soon after your hear that he'she is dating can be painful, regardless of whether you loved that person or not or You dumped that person or he/she dumped you. So the first reaction of trying to make your EX and the new partner feel the pain you are going through can be justified. But persisting on Insulting, cursing and ridiculing your Ex's love life six months or more after your break up is an obsession. 

It only shows that you are stuck, and that you have not moved on at all since you broke up, and what's more you just end up giving your ex the power that He/she shouldn't have over you. I believe someone who have moved on from the previous relationship does not have time to Insult or even follow up on their Ex's life. I have Ex's but I honestly do not bother with what they do with their lives, and for that I believe I have moved on.

Move on, yes it hurts, may be you were betrayed or cheated but all that is not worth  you being stuck in the past. Take a leap of faith and believe in beautiful things to come, because life is good if you want it to be..

Try reflecting back on your past relationship, and see where you went wrong. Because no matter how much of a monster your ex was; you also contributed in failing of your relationship in your own extent, I believe a relationship is built and broken by two people. Use these mistakes to ensure that you correct yourself when you decide to enter in a new relationship.

And most importantly we should always remember that what comes out of us defines who we are , so by insulting his/her current love life pushes your partner even further way, you make him/her feel that he/she escaped a lion's den, for no one wants to be stuck with someone who swears, curses, manipulates and controls other people by emasculating them. Life is too short so live it to the fullest and be happy

PS: What if the Ex's new partner you are insulting today is a doctor, who maybe one day in the future you may find yourself entrusting your life in his/her hands????????? think about it