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singing happy birthday

thank u guys u have made my day

so happy today

My table at the office

my sweet sweet Cake, thank you so much baby, I have loved it so so much

and my flowers too,

jamani I'm thrilled

Today is My birthday, so many people whom I treassure deeply have wished me a happy Birthday. And Few who are extra special went a long way into making sure that my day starts well. Very early in the morning I received gifts from my darling friends Anna and Mercy. And later on People in my office sang and wished me a happy birthday. And soon afterwards "The man of mylife, my Prince charming brought me so many presents that my head started to spin. My Table at the office today looks like X-mas................I'm soo happy and guys I love you all so very much much .

My B'Day Poem from my Dears Mr & Mrs Khery Mbiro 

there was one, two till this day.....

u cried, laughed but all in search of your way...

u learnt to worship, u learnt to pray,

they screamed when ur first words u did say,

till now that the game of life is in play,

till now, that love in u will never decay,

the love we know will never leave your heart's bays,

the care for others that is there to stay,

warmth and attention that none can repay,

i and others, dearly wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY,

well, i know there is a cake, 2keep my share U may,

hugs,kisses to high you enjoy your day...

We love you Matty.

Thank so much guys.