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Counting my blessings.

Today is one of those days when I sit down and reflect what my life has been so far. A wise man once said " count your blessings" and that is what I am doing today, I'm simply counting my blessings. 

God has been good to me, so good. He hears my prayers and he answers just on the right time, I am simply blessed. :)  I can not thank him enough for giving me so many wonderful people. 

My Mother; Mama thank you very much for all the sacrifices, all that you had to give up so that I could grow up comfortably and become the woman I am today, without you I simply wouldn't exists.

To my Dad; Thank you for being a torch bearer, you have carried my torch and you have showed me the way. You showed me how to become a good human being and how to live and care for others. You have constantly being reminding me of what is important in my life and how to always make sure I do not lose the sight of "what matters the most" For all this and much more thank you.

To my sisters; I love you so much. You are my best friends, always there for me when I'm down, even from a distance I always know that I can count on you. My life is blessed with you in it. I could not have chosen better sisters given a chance. You are true blessings in my life, even distance can not keep us apart. I'll donate a kidney for you both, nothing measures to how much you girls mean in my life :)

My brothers; always wise and full of good advices and sermons. Your love and care keeps me going, even when I do not say it, always know that "You mean the world to me"

My Best friends; In the course of life I have come across millions of people, but God has a purpose for only keeping a handful of you in my life. I know you would do anything for me, as much as I would do anything for you. Your Joy is my Happiness and Your sorrow is my mourn. I did not choose you, I could not have done this  well. God brought you into my life and made sure that You stayed. I always cherish all the moments we are together, all the jokes, the heart brakes, the fights, and the secrets..... all this and more I wouldn't trade them for a lifetime.

My Soul mate; You found me where I could not have been found, you loved me even when I was un-lovable, you gently showed me what love is and you have taught me how to Trust, be patient and Believe in love again. My heart was in shambles but you have mended it, its now whole and strong. You fit perfectly in my mishaps and you always have a way of bringing out that child in me. You have made me a better person, and I wouldn't trade eternity for you. You are my soul mate. I love you. 

I am simply blessed ;)