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Why I think Zanzibarians are narrow minded people

"Did you know that the first churches to be build in Tanzania (Tanganyika & Zanzibar) are in Zanzibar? which means Christianity spread throughout the coastal cities of Tanganyika from Zanzibar?

I am a believer in my constitutional right to express my thoughts, especially  on things that affects me personally or which affects me as a Tanzanian. I strongly support the fact that People of Zanzibar have a right to express their thoughts as to what they think is better for the welfare of Zanzibar and its people. It is the right that any democratic state should grant its people. I believe that the people of Zanzibar have very solid and valid reasons of opposing the Union. And I believe that it is the duty of the state to grant them an opportunity to express these reasons freely and openly without being threatened in any way. 

What I am opposing is the fact that they are mixing "Religion with Politics" For people who are sane they should be knowing that mixing these two things is like creating a ticking bomb. The world has already seen what happens when these two things are mixed up, and it is usually never good. If they are opposing Muungano, why then burn churches? Zanzibar is not an Islamic state, and Tanzania Mainland is not a Christianity state so where is the logic behind rioting against the Union while burning churches?. Why then destroy and take away the freedom of worship of minority Zanzibarians who are Christians? 

In fact what is a "Sheikh" doing addressing the masses on non- religious issues anyway? isn't there a boundary somewhere? and why does their government let them get away with it? or may be they actually support them behind the curtain. If not then somebody better give me a sound explanation of what is happening in Zanzibar, is it Jihad? or is it merely riots opposing The Union?

 Tanzanian people in mainland have formed a bond, we do not discriminate each other based on religions, we do not define each other based on "what you believe or where what pray or where you worship". Hard work and personal character is what defines us. We are co-existing in peace and harmony, we are all "one nation" after all. So what these people in Zanzibar are doing is a threat to this relationship and bond that we have here, they want us to start identifying each other based on religion? Too dangerous, I say we let them go and leave us with our peace. 

I believe that there are minority Christians in Zanzibar, who by birth are Zanzibarians. So by burning churches are they sending them a message that they are also not needed there? And must Zanzibarians always fight? They always seem to find a reason to riot and burn stuff. I condemn these violence against Christians and their institutions and properties, and I condemn any one who is leading, entertaining and supporting this kind of movement. This is 21st Century, we are not in 13century any more, for all those who wish to fight and create wars based on religion I think you are all living in the wrong century.

I personally support them on their cause of being against "Muungano" mainly because I think Zanzibar is a leech that is sucking away all blood from Tanzania mainland and there are so many people here in mainland supporting this too, but I do not see them burning churches or mosques, because its not about religion, this is all about Politics.

One more thing that Zanzibarians needs to ask themselves is this "Do they really wish to be known world wide as a nation that opposes Christianity openly?" especially considering that half of their income is generated from tourism. Its a stupid move, whether they agree or not, no tourist will feel safe going in a country that openly burns churches, no one with their right state of mind anyway.  Because whether they wish to admit it or not half of the tourists comes from countries like US, European countries, and Scandinavian countries, and these are countries with a majority of citizens that celebrates "Easter and Christmas"

 I think these people who are rioting needs to get their facts straight, they do not want Union that's fine, but they should stay away from churches and mosques. The government of Zanzibar should try and prosecute all these people involved in all these "arsonic" activities,  This Should include this Sheikh who is leading these demonstrations in my opinion he should be the number one accused person. The last time I checked the penalty for arson is life or death. So they have to do something, strong measures in fact or else their economy is going down

And "Tanganyika" wake up!!! Let go of these racist, discriminating people, they call us "Chogo" when we go there. We can not work freely, open a business freely not even move around freely without being bugged that you are a chogo. Meanwhile we have so many Zanzibarians here, working our jobs, trading in our markets, having shops in our streets and we say nothing. Are we deaf? dumb? or stupid? 

This union is taking us downhill. We are helping them with Electricity lighting their homes and streets and this is how they repay us? They want to be like Southern Sudan that's Fine with me, anything to bring to an end this parasitic Union.

Burning anything to Justify your cause is barbaric, They should be ashamed of themselves.

Should we start sending their "Pemba" brothers who are scattered all over mainland home?, should we start burning their homes and businesses? should we sack them from our Industries?  I'm just asking