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Swazi King’s 6th Wife Flees, Citing Abuse

One of the wives of the King of Swaziland has left him, citing years of “physical and emotional abuse” by the monarch.

King Mswati III

That wife, Angela “LaGija” Dlamini, who was the sixth of King Mswati III’s thirteen wives, had been unhappy, according to the Swaziland Solidarity Network, a pro-democracy group.

“A royal guard revealed that Angela had been unhappy for a long time and had actually thought of leaving her husband for many years,” the Network claims, citing an unnamed royal guard.
“She finally packed her bags for good…initially pretending to be visiting her parental home in Hhohho. From there she disappeared and is believed to be with relatives.”

This is the third of Mswati’s wives to leave him. In 2004, two of his wives fled him and made their way to South Africa, leaving behind their children.

In 2010, the King’s twelfth wife, Nothando Dube, was caught having an affair and was placed under house arrest. Reportedly, she is staying in Swaziland for the sake of her children.
King Mswati is a controversial monarch.

 His rule is absolute, he and his wives and many children live in luxury while most Swazis live in poverty. Recently, he received a private jet for his 44th birthday despite his country’s economic troubles.