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Mara Wilson "Matilda"

I did not watch a lot of television growing up, partly because we got our first television set when I was eight years old, and partly because my parents would not allow me to watch television on weekdays. And when it was weekends then for no more than two hours. I am not complaining though, I'm actually grateful to them for that, I think I would have been a television addict by now (If I'm not yet) 

On my tenth birthday( 1st December 1996) my mother brought me a gift. She came home from work unusually early with a bag of popcorns and a VHS movie with my name written on it. It was the coolest gift ever! In fact it is the most memorable gift of my life. It was a weekday, but she allowed me to sit and watch the movie, she knew how much I was dying to. 

That movie, Matilda was and still is the best movie in my list. I have a thing for movies with child actors/actresses, I still do. And Mara Wilson, the little girl who played that part is my all time favourite child actress. 

True, I enjoyed watching Home alone(s) (even the one that Scarlet Johanson had a part in) but still due to the undeniable fact that this girl played "my name" I still love her. So since discovering internet, that is early 2000's I started searching for her, I wanted to know what happened to the girl who played my name. I had watched several other movies where she also played big parts like a simple wish and Mrs Doubtfire and I can tell you this; whether she had played Matilda or not I would still have loved these movies, to date.

So, I came to find out that she decided to stop acting in major budget films, and decided to have a normal childhood and adolescence like everybody else and went to college in Newyork. Anyway, I would have loved to see her grow as an actress but I would have hated it If she would have turned out to be like Lindsay Lohan, Macaulay Culkin or the rest of the child actors who have just had troubled adolescence and now adulthood. 

left (then) and right was taken two years ago
See, when you are young and cute its okay, but most people do not realise the pressure that these kids go through, trying to maintain the status of a young and cute and Innocent kid. Eventually it tires them and they Rebel. So for all those who are blaming Mara Wilson for her decision my advice to you is; if you love acting so much go for auditions (acting does not have age limit anyway, there are roles for all people of al ages). Just let the poor girl be and enjoy her life. 

I would not mind seeing her Acting once again, in a major hit film or series. I believe she still is a fine actress, but the bottom line is her life's decisions are her's to make. Life is too short anyways to live it according to other people's rules.

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