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Happy Birthday Baby Tariq

So Today is baby Tariq's first birthday. A very important birthday for a human being. This babyboy is a pure definition of cuteness. His name was 'coined" by Trisha, his sister from their parents' names. The parents to this beautiful baby boy and his Angelic sister are Tinna and Richie. These parents are truly blessed.

Your Mummy, Daddy and Sister Trisha wishes you a happy birthday, and prays that you live a long and a  happy life. You have brought so much joy in their lives, and you are a true blessing to them.

Cheki Pozi hilo, yani he is cute and he knows lol

Tariq with his sister Trisha "my princess"

so so cute
A gift from heaven

Here, He was watching a Chelsea game. apparently baby Tariq is Chelsea's fan! this is my whole time favourite picture. He seriously sat like this without any fuss for 90minutes watching the game LOL

Toto Tundu

Happy birthday chekibob wetu, mabinti zetu wataumizwajeee LOL