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#217: White Oak Spider

Sometimes, your brain will wrap around an idea as if it were your own when actually you saw the idea recently and subconsciously remember it, which is sort of how I came to realize that I was making this spider to resemble a spider that I made last week (the fairy frost spider). Using a segment from a vintage bracelet and coordinating cream and silver, I basically made the same spider but got a different vibe from it. After Hurricane Irene moved north and out to sea, a cool breeze replaced our summer winds. I heard geese outside this morning, and the air was crisp. Fall is on the way. Fall reminds me of oak trees and acorns (and a really wonderful apples and oak candle that I used to have).

Materials: plastic/metal bracelet segment, white crackle bead, silver spacer bead, ivory bugle beads, silver and sage green seed beads, silver wire