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#221: Lipstick Spider

There is only one thing that this color of glam red makes me think of, and that's red lip stick from the '80s. Working Girl. Madonna. If you were female, you had red lip stick (or wanted it really bad but were too young to wear it), and it was probably glossy. I tossed around the idea of this being a licorice spider because I cut up coffee straws to use for the legs, and the coffee straws made me think of licorice rope, but a licorice spider is for another time (and anyway, black licorice is my fave).

So, if you've been paying attention this whole time--can you name three other non-bead materials I have used for legs on past spiders? The answer will appear in tomorrow's blog.

Materials: red glass beads (2 sizes), red plastic coffee straw segments, red seed beads, red E beads, silver wire