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#245 and #246: Glinda and Elphaba Spiders (#4 and #5 in Oz series)

Perhaps if you've read Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire, you have a better understanding of how Elphaba came to be who she is. Best friends with Glinda, she eventually (in Maguire's telling) resents Glinda for giving Dorothy the ruby slippers. Never underestimate a woman and her shoes. Antagonists are always more fun, so Elphaba really steals the show in Maguire's series. The Glinda of MGM Studios fame is really unforgettable in her pink bubble and her enormous poofy, glittery dress, but I prefer Elphaba's mode of transportation and more practical attire.

Materials for Glinda: faux opal pendant, Swarovski crystal bead, Swarovski crystal crown, white-painted star beads, pink "poof" beads, assorted pink bugle and E beads, silver wire

Materials for Elphaba: green/black beads, painted toy safety cone for hat, black glass spacer bead, assorted green bugle and E beads, silver wire