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Eti " FLY OVERS" Zinakuja sijui zitafika liniiiiii

 na bongo kutakua hivi labda

Huku tutafika jamani?

A STUDY is currently underway for construction of flyovers in the city of Dar es Salaam in a bid to ease traffic congestion, it has been revealed.

The disclosure is according to the Senior Representative of Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Tanzania Office, Mr Toshihisa Hasegawa.

He was, however, not in a position to reveal when the study would be completed. “We are still discussing the matter with the government of Tanzania but the study will identify the way forward regarding required funds and how the project will be implemented,” Mr Hasegawa told ‘Daily News’ in an exclusive interview.

He made the remarks on the sidelines of an accession to launch a project for a comprehensive transport and trade system development master plan for Tanzania. According to the JICA representative, infrastructure development is the way forward in easing traffic congestion in the city.

“However, there are many organizations that should be involved in the project to ensure that it is implemented effectively,” Mr Hasegawa said.

He explained that there was need for co-ordination among all involved organizations to tackle traffic congestion in Dar es Salaam. JICA’S development cooperation assistance to Tanzania spans for more than 40 years in sectors such as transport and infrastructure among others, he said.

Speaking earlier, Mr Hasegawa said the study which would be completed in October next year, would focus on transport modes namely roads, railways, waterways, air transport as well as pipelines.

“We expect that the master plan will be fully utilized so that it can lead to economic development in Tanzania and neighbouring countries. “As most of us are well aware, Tanzania is facing the Indian Ocean and has much advantage in terms of transportation.

Full utilization of this geopolitical advantage is recognized as a key for the economic development of Tanzania,” he said. He was of a view that the transport system ought to be developed to attract traders, transport operators, freight forwarders and industrial sector.

An official with the Ministry of Transport, Mr Paulo Laizer, who will be Coordinating the Project, said the study seeks to collect data on transport needs. “At the end of the project, the study will guide us on identifying projects that should be implemented,” he said.

The master plan will play a crucial role in planning and designing of transport modes, focusing on demand for up to 2030. A team of 25 Japanese experts will be undertaking the study in collaboration with local expert.