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#235 and #236: R2D2 and C3PO spiders

In no time at all, in a craft lair far, far below the earth's surface, a disturbed artist is disassembling action figures for a sick menagerie of robot arachnids. Beckoned by the Force to make a spider each day for a year, she considers the unthinkable for the sake of her twisted creations--destroying vintage toys to satiate the monster inside her. Known only as Spider Lady, she is feverishly creating a formidable army of 8-legged abominations, and she won't stop with just R2D2 and C3PO.  She cannot stop. Indeed, only one can stop her.

Materials: R2D2 toy; white baking clay; blue baking clay; ivory, royal blue, and turquoise blue bugle beads; royal blue and silver seed beads, silver wire

C3PO toy, computer wire, gold bugle beads, gold and gunmetal seed beads, gold wire