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#223: Spark Plug Spider

A few weeks ago, I attempted to make a spark plug spider by asking a friend if he could show me how to weld. Welding, which is nothing like soldering (but I didn't know that), isn't something you can learn in an afternoon, and after watching my friend try his hand at welding coat hanger pieces to a small spark plug, I knew it wasn't meant to be. I left his house with a blackened spark plug, two pieces of metal hanger barely attached, and a shattered dream. (Just kidding...I don't break that easily.) But seriously, I was reminded of two things while Carl attempted to assemble my spider: 1) my grandpa used to tell me I'd go blind if I stared at the sparks, and 2) my step dad had holes in all of his shirts when he was a welder. These are not encouraging memories.

This spider project is about trying and learning new things, so at least I can say that I learned something about welding. I will stick to less dangerous spider making for the rest of this project, which is not to say I won't attempt time-consuming or intricate work. How could I not? I just need to make sure I keep all of my fingers. They are a very important part of my work.

Materials: Champion spark plug, metal and black glass bugle beads, silver spacer beads, metal nuts, silver wire