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#229: Mustard in the Study Spider (#2 in the Clue series)

Day 196 was the first of my Clue spiders: Professor Plum in the Library. This week I plan to move through a lot of the Clue characters now that I've established a consistent design for the spiders. And I'd like to get my hand on some vintage packaging so I can create a display for the eventual sale of the entire collection of Clue spiders.

I always rather liked Colonel Mustard but could never picture him knocking off anyone. A man with so many neat and tidy features just doesn't go around whacking people on the head with household tools, does he? And he never struck me as a greedy sociopath. But I suppose anything is possible in the game of Clue...even a uniform that's practically chartreuse!

Materials: green-gold wooden bead, gold bead cap, gold head pin, gold spacer bead, amber-yellow glass bead, yellow-gold and iridescent brown bugle beads, mustard seed beads, chartreuse spacer beads, gold wire