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HEALTHY CORNER: 7 Golden Steps for a Healthy Diet

If you choose to make our seven steps to healthy diet an integral part of your lives, you’ll no longer need to worry about any health related issues. At Diet Tree we believe that if a proper diet is followed, you will not only start feeling fit, but also lose those extra pounds you always hated.

Step 1
5 portions of various fruits and vegetables in your daily diet - make it a rule. This will be your one of the seven golden steps to healthy diet. You can begin your day with a glass of fruit juice and may be some slices of your favorite fruits. Dark green veggies along with carrots and pumpkin can be your salad for lunch. Need an afternoon snack- avoid junk food, rather go for a fruit. Now, for your evening meal, peas, beans and other vegetables can be simply perfect.

Five portions of fruits
Step 2
Proteins are an important ingredient of a healthy diet. They build your body and make it strong. So, one of the tips to
weight loss without compromising on the need for proteins is to include lean meats, fish and poultry in your diet. If you are a veggie, don’t worry. Beans, peas, nuts and seeds will do their job. The right way of cooking them is also an important part of these golden steps to healthy diet. If you want to retain their nutritive value and also want to limit your intake of calories, avoid frying them. You can however grill them or even bake them.

protein foods
Step 3
When we talk about proteins in our diet, fish deserves a special mention for it is not only rich in protein but also contains essential vitamins and minerals. For women, fish is no less than a boon as it proves to be a healthy way to get that shiny, lustrous hair and silky, smooth skin. So, including fish in your diet two times a week is our one more golden rule to stay healthy.

baked fish
Step 4
Get Regular with your wholegrain food. Most people who are looking for tips to loss weight tend to avoid starchy food. Remember, it’s good to have carbohydrates in your daily diet as it gives you the energy you need to meet your work and personal commitments in your day-to-day life. It is one of the most important steps to healthy diet. Wholegrain foods like whole meal and whole grain bread, pitta, chapatti, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and wholegrain breakfast cereal are ideal sources of carbohydrates. In addition, they give you the necessary fiber to keep your system clean.

whole grain foods
Step 5
One of the most important tips to loss weight is to curb the intake of sugar, salt and saturated fats in your diet. You should rather take unsaturated fats which do not increase the level of cholesterol like saturated fats. Unsaturated fats are found in vegetable oils (including sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil), oily fish, avocados, nuts and seeds. 

vegetable oils
Step 6
Water has made life possible on earth. No wonder, it is one of the important steps to healthy diet. While you are not recommended to drink water along with meals, you must drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. A glass of water one hour before meals is a good way to suppress your appetite. Also, it is advisable to drink plenty of water at least 30-40 minutes after you have strained yourself physically for instance during your workout sessions. This will help you prevent dehydration.

glass of cold water

Step 7
Don’t ever skip your breakfast. In fact, a heavy breakfast keeps you energetic all through the day. There is a golden rule: while your breakfast should be heavy, try to make your lunch light and dinner lighter.

healthy breakfast