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#243: Window Cling Spider

Craft idea from
Family Fun magazine put this idea into my head with this craft project from their current issue.

I had fabric paint that I bought to put on the bottom of socks when my kids were small so they could have slipper socks that would keep them from slipping. Well, like many good ideas that I have...let's just say I have plenty of fabric (puffy) paint. I used several colors and swirled them together on a piece of plastic (only because I don't have any wax paper right now). I laid my craft wire, curved for the most part how I would want the legs to be when the paint dried, and waited a couple of days for the paint to dry. If you use enough fabric paint (which I think I should have used a bit more of), the beaded legs don't add enough weight to pull your spider away from a window. Just breathe some warm moist air onto the back of the spider before pressing the body against any window or mirror, and it will stick.

Materials: fabric paint; orange, yellow, and green bugle beads; orange, yellow, green, gold, and purple seed beads; silver wire