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#247: Arsenic Spider

I bought some really great wire ribbon at Michaels that SCREAMS Tim Burton, but in my attempt to start work on an actual Tim Burton spider, I became frustrated with a different method for creating spider legs. What I ended up with were wiry frayed pieces of ribbon that I was able to work into this spider. I've been wanting to use this skeleton lady cameo for a spider, and nothing was jumping out at me until I had these bits of ribbon. This spider brings lots of images to mind: haunted mansions, parlors, dead rich aunts (I don't know why), and I've always loved that play (Arsenic and Old Lace) about the two old women poisoning lonely men with arsenic in their wine, then burying them in the cellar, which is where my idea for naming this spider came from.

Materials: skeleton cameo, round black bead, rusted wire, ribbon pieces, black and ivory bugle beads, black and ivory seed beads, silver wire