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#248: McFeely Spider

Fred McFeely Rogers was quite possibly the most wonderful man to set foot on this planet. I can remember watching him on television with my kindergarten classmates, and I can remember him singing "Happy Birthday" to Henrietta Kitten on the television in my labor and delivery room on the morning that Greta was born. Those of us who began half a lifetime of listening and watching Mister Rogers Neighborhood on public television probably learned some very important values from Fred Rogers' gentle teachings, and when he left us in 2003, he left behind a legacy of kind words, caring, calm patience, and unending love. I guess it's a bit odd to pay tribute to Fred Rogers with a spider, but only the greatest of the great make it into my spider collection, and Fred is the cream of the crop!

Materials: brass Pittsburgh trolley token; red sweater button; red plastic heart bead; light blue bugle beads; red, blue, and yellow seed beads; gold wire