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#237: Venus Fly Trap Spider

One thing that I have realized about my own creativity is that I can see anything in any given day and think of some way of turning it into something. So, when I saw a squished bottle cap in a parking lot, I thought of a venus fly trap, and it was only a matter of time before I thought up how exactly I would turn it into a spider. The bottle cap I used was already green, so I just touched up the edges with a lighter shade of green and painted the inside with a melon hue. I used tines from a hair comb for the cilia on the plant. And I had a small plastic fly to fit into the inside of the bottle cap. It's not visible in the picture and not that recognizable in person because of the tines. The finished spider turned out better than I thought it would, so that should motivate me to finish several other spider ideas for which I have scattered pieces.

Materials: Woody's bottle cap, plastic fly, hair comb tines, green plastic bead, dark and light green bugle beads, melon bugle bead shards, black seed beads, and silver wire