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#240: Archival To Catch a Thief Spider (#7 in Hitchcock series)

Figuring out which physical/symbolic elements should go into a Hitchcock spider takes some time, and "To Catch a Thief" has maybe been the most difficult. I had this idea for a black glove but initially couldn't find a small glove or a glove charm that wasn't a baseball glove. But I was lucky one day when I was in Michaels browsing the Industrial Chic findings and came across a gold glove/hand, which I knew I could just paint. And I was double lucky while in the park one day with Josephine, who spotted some plastic toy car tires in the mulch. It was the perfect body piece for this spider once I touched it up with paint to get rid of the plastic look. (Cary Grant spends much of the movie skidding around with Grace Kelly in his Sunbeam Alpine [yeah, I had to look it up] searching for a burglar who's been impersonating him.) And I have a bunch of rhinestone pieces from broken costume jewelry that worked well for the stolen jewels; specifically, I had an earring that was just the right size and look.

Also, it does not escape my attention that Cary Grant was left-handed and the "glove" I used for this spider is left-handed. And why would I point this out if I wasn't left-handed, too!

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Materials: gold metal glove pendant, plastic tire, metal letters, rhinestone earring, iridescent lavender and iridescent black bugle beads, copper spacers, purple seed beads, rusted wire