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#253: Meteor Spider

Who can forget killer alien spiders landing on Earth in diamond-encrusted rocks, then spilling into the rural Wisconsin woods and growing to the size of Volkswagens (literally! I mean that's what they used to make the spiders--Volkswagen beetles), their shiny red eyes like glowing blood blisters in the trees? Giant hairy spiders were the stuff of my nightmares after I watched the 1975 B-movie "Giant Spider Invasion." We're talking about hairy mechanical monsters terrorizing the streets, swallowing up humans like slippery noodles and then splooshing their guts back into the road. See? Now it's the stuff of YOUR nightmares. A meteor spider had to be made, maybe just as a cathartic measure. Maybe that one day means I will hold a spider in the palm of my hand and think nothing of it. But I highly doubt it.

Materials: painted metal slider pendant; painted metal mesh bead; gray bugle beads; gray spacer beads; teal, sage green, and burgundy seed beads; silver wire