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#273: Tattoo Spider

My Babe tattoo prior to
finishing the Northern lights.
This spider has only been under the needle once, and honestly, anything more would probably do him in! Did you know that 38% of all Generation Yers (that's the generation following mine, so it's not like I'm ancient yet) in the United States have a tattoo? They're so common that even Mattel introduced a tattooed Barbie this past year. My favorite tattoo is my Babe the Blue Ox. I wear it like a little piece of home on my right arm, but when I was at Epcot this spring with the family, it was brought to my attention that it's also my Chinese zodiac sign. Whatdyaknow?! I had just never made that connection.

Materials: peach shell beads, water slide tattoo, clear sealant, black glass spacer, peach bugle beads, peach and black seed beads, pink copper wire