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#279: Abominable Spider

Just like that--our weekend was gone. Not the way some weekends go by unnoticed because you were so busy you hardly realized how close Monday was. But because we were so focused on keeping our house warm and food cold during and after an unexpected "winter" storm that we didn't realize how little else we had accomplished all weekend long. We had planned to be climbing into Halloween costumes and going trick-or-treating, then maybe going for a 1-mile pumpkin run the next day, none of which happened. We were fortunate enough to have charged all of our electronic devices before our power went out on Saturday so that once the last of the twilight was gone and we were left with nothing but dark, we could at least hit the hay early and watch a movie or read a book before we drifted off with the heat from our warm kerosene heater.

I used all of the daylight I had to clean up my craft room (and pick up and sort a huge tray of jump rings, head/eye pins, and ear wires that I had accidentally kicked over a few weeks ago), complete some unfinished projects, and get my spiders done. Even so, our first snow could not have been a much bigger pain. It was abominable, this snow. So abominable that a spider (ornament) had to be made.

Materials: white beaded earring piece, white plastic bead, glass snowman head bead, white bugle and seed beads, silver wire