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#256: Velma Spider

First of all, no, I am not going to make a series of Scooby Doo spiders. Well, unless I really run out of ideas. The last piece of my Velma Halloween costume came in the mail yesterday--orange baseball socks. And I almost dressed as Velma for my spider-making workshop at the library last night but then thought I might come off a tad too weird and decided against it. (But how many times do you really get to dress up for Halloween??)

For the workshop, I hadn't planned to actually make a spider with the kids until Gina (the librarian) suggested it, and I found myself scrambling for the right beads. Me, the perfectionist, the type of person who can never simplify--I had picked out my beads in about 3 minutes, and they just so happened to be the colors of Velma. Velma is so in tune with autumn with her rootbeer-colored hair and (depending on which version of Velma you're used to) her orange sweater/socks and burgundy skirt/shoes. And yet, Velma gets passed back and forth between the members of the gang like Aunt Edna's fruit cake. She is always the fifth wheel. So Velma, this spider is for you. You're obviously the brains of the bunch (even if you tend to be a bit of a know-it-all) and the one everyone depends on to crack the case.

And when you see me this Halloween in my Velma costume, you might see the spider, too.

Materials: brown wooden beads, orange glass bead, burnt orange seed and E beads, peach seed beads, iridescent brown bugle beads, gold and silver wire