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#280: Sour Grapes Spider

Tonight was a night for ghosts and goblins, superheroes and princesses, even a tiny toddler dressed as Santa. A couple of times I have thought it would be cool to dress as Sour Grapes, the female nemesis of Strawberry Shortcake and friends, but probably no one would know who she is. Dark purple hair with lavender streaks, a lavender gown, and long, green gloves. I couldn't pull it off with as much flair as the woman herself, but it would still be fun. Tonight I walked my kids around as Velma. Josie was a witch because her mermaid costume was too cold, and Greta was Hermione with her warm Gryffendor robe. After a snow storm postponed our neighborhood trick-or-treating, not everyone got the message about a reschedule, so my kids got LOADS of candy from people who just needed to get rid of it. Score! They'll be eating the candy until Easter.

Materials: brass grapes finding, purple swirl bead, purple/white rondelle beads, light green plastic bead, purple and green bugle beads, lavender bugle bead shards, purple seed beads, green wire