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#278: Mummy Spider

Today was supposed to be trick-or-treating in our neighborhood, thus this commemorative spider (somewhat). But our power was out, and the roads were unplowed, and the snow fell like crazy. So no one went out. Instead, the kids put on their costumes, and we had the neighbors over for s'mores in the dark with a s'mores maker we have but seldom use. We listened to Halloween party music on Pandora (as my phone battery died) and made the best of a Halloween that we would not have.

The mummy comes to us from the dark, from dusty torch-lit catacombs and spidery doorways, from a deep, dark, mysterious past. And sometimes, the dead are not what they seem, especially so near Halloween.

Materials: plastic mummy toy, clear plastic bugle and E beads, silver wire, muslin, Tacky Glue, ivory and tan paint