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#255: Workshop Spider

Tonight's spider is a bit unique in that it has somewhat already been done (see Day 208: Observatory Spider) but with some different beads, and it was used as a sample for a group of teens that showed up at my local library for a how-to session on making beaded spiders.

I have become so used to making a spider every day that I didn't realize how common making a spider had become...for ME. But it was a completely different ball game showing a group of other people with little to no beading experience how to do it. The group was very patient with me as I went around to help with various parts of the project (and thank goodness I had help from the event coordinator and my friend Susan!). Perhaps the most difficult task for others was finishing each leg, and I had forgotten that it took me a bit of time to get used to using jewelry tools when I first started, too.

My friend Susan took pictures of everyone's spiders, and I'm very excited to share those pictures when they are available. Everyone had such neat ideas about what their own spider should look like. The only boy in my group had seen my meteor spider on my blog from a couple of days ago and wanted to make something similar. Many of the kids chose old clip-on earrings that I had saved and and made some very unique spiders.  And one girl was so excited about learning to make her spider that she planned to go with a friend on the weekend to buy some beads so she could show her how to do it!

If anyone who was at tonight's class is coming back to the blog for instructions on making the spiders, visit the Instructables web site for my tutorial. Here is the link: