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#270: Mosaic Spider

For the mosaic spider, I used some really small squares of glass. They were probably about a quarter inch in diameter. Then I used some nippers to break them all in half. I arranged them on a table first, then glued them on a flat round bead. I used the same bead I used for my moon landing spider. I dug out a small tub of tile grout that I have in my craft room (do you doubt there's actually something out there that ISN'T in my craft room?), and filled in the spaces around the pieces of glass and wiped the grout off the top of the glass pieces. This was my first experience doing any kind of mosaic. I've had plans for some time to make some cool mosaic rocks for the garden and have the kids each make one, so I'm glad I had a first experience to see how things would turn out before we attempt bigger projects. This was seriously so easy that I want to mosaic my whole house!

Materials: stone bead, stained glass squares, grout, green glass bead, brown glass bead, butterscotch and brown E beads, brown and butterscotch seed beads, blue and green bugle beads, green wire