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Okay, so I know people have different opinions as to movies they like or dislike, having considered this my all time animated favorites are as below: 


Bambi is a young deer discovering all the world has to offer for the very first time whether it be delightful or frightening. He learns what it takes to survive and the responsibilities of being an adult. Through beautiful animation and music, the story of Bambi is told in a truly timeless fashion.
There isn’t a whole lot of dialogue in the movie so they really had to fill in a lot of the film with music. Sometimes eerie and a lot of times uplifting, the music goes hand in hand with the animation to tell an emotional tale of one of the forest’s most elegant creatures. All in all Bambi is truly a classic and a must see for anyone who loves animated movies… or just movies in general.

“Sugar Honey Iced Tea!” probably my favorite quote from the movie. It definitely made me Laugh Out Loud. One of the main reasons why I loved this movie soooo much was because of the actors and actress’ that were casted in it. It had Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jada Pinket Smith, David Schwimmer(Friends), Sacha Baron Cohen(Borat), and even Cedric the Entertainer. What a fun movie!

08. RIO

When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams. This movie is so exciting, Samba in particular thrilled me 


Buzz: "I just want you to know that even though you tried to terminate me, revenge is not a idea we promote on my planet." Woody: "Oh...that's good." Buzz: "But we're not ON my planet, ARE we?"


Now, I had to include Avatar in the Top 5 movies(all together) I’ve seen in the past 10 years, maybe further than that. This movie was just incredible. When you watch it you just feel the shiver going throughout your body,The titanic Genius did it again LOL


"I suppose you wanna kiss? Kissing would be nice yeah" Finally A black Princess, I don't care all the critics say I just loved it, especially the alligator


Mulan is a great movie. It is entertaining in every respect and can be appreciated by all ages. I was either enchanted or laughing throughout the whole movie.

Mulan is the story of a young Chinese girl who is bold enough to not only go to war in her father's place, but to break all molds that her society and tradition have laid out for her. Disguising herself as a man, Mulan fights two battles. One is that of defeating the invading Huns, and the other is that of preventing herself from being revealed as a girl.


The daughter of a Native American tribe chief and English soldier share a romance when English colonists invade 17th century Virginia.Its so energetic and inspiring portraying a strong Native Indian Girl fighting for the good of all people. It touched me by portraying that appearances may be deceiving


After Manny discovers Sid in a hot tub (of mud) trying to impress two female creatures with the baby, he says (about Sid) that when “some pretty tale walks by” he “moves like a cheetah.” The subtle-ness of this moment is great. Kids aren’t really catching on but as a teen when the movie came out, I was cracking up. I guess they gotta appeal to all ages if they want to be really successful.

The Serengeti comes to life as never before through the extraordinary vision that is The Lion King. More than 50 million people have felt the thrill of this Tony Award winner for Best Musical, which tells the classic journey of young royal heir Simba. Giraffes strut, birds swoop and gazelles leap in a dazzling panorama that overwhelms the sense and inspires you with the wonder of life. This is The Lion King. Imagination Untamed.

So this is my list, do you happen to have a different opinion? comment below the post