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#277: Frost Fairy Spider

My Minnesota family, who are used to getting their first snow in October, might not realize what an anomaly it is for Pennsylvania to have a first snow that early. I scoffed at newscasters starting on Tuesday, when I first heard that it could snow on Saturday. And even on Friday morning, with clear blue skies overhead, I doubted their prediction. But sure enough, the sky quickly clouded over and in came snow--record-breaking inches of it. It fell like wet masses of pudding on our beautiful autumn-colored trees, pulling and snapping limbs left and right. It took down power lines and left us without power for almost 24 hours. It muddied the driveway. It pissed us off, I'll tell you that much. But even in all of the chaos, the snow was very pretty and almost unnatural, its frosty tendrils clinging to a season making its way out just a little too slowly. So the frost fairy paid us a visit, her evergreen legs not quite as icy like Jack Frost's. Not quite. Not quite winter.

Materials: pearl-white plastic leaf, evergreen and gold spacer bead, plastic pearl beads, green and white bugle beads, sage green seed beads, gold wire