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#257: Hellraising Spider

Pinhead from Clive Barker's Hellraiser
If this isn't the creepiest spider I've made so far, then I beg you to differ. I was downstairs looking through my clay molds for a hand for a future spider (and I actually decided against the hand anyhow) and grabbed a mold for making a doll, complete with all body parts. Now, I'm not all hearts and unicorns, so I didn't buy this doll mold to make an adorable clay baby with curly cupid hair and rosy cheeks; instead, I thought "zombie baby." But today when I pulled it out, I thought "Pinhead." Who knows why it was the first thing to come to mind. Maybe because I was already toying with some really cool black teardrop seed beads to use for eyes on another project and could see them used for a clay doll's head? I had just a smidgeon left of shimmery opal-white clay to use for his skin tone, and I have lots of different colored memory wire to snip into pieces for his head. And then I rifled through my things and found a bead cap that I could paint black to use for his collar. At Michaels, I had to pick up more beads anyhow, so I grabbed some hematite spacer beads for the leg joints. Pinhead is very much a leather and metal kinda guy (and he can't really help his bizarre S/M body suit), so the black and silver and gunmetal and the pale, pale skin all fit together just perfectly. (I love it when a spider comes together perfectly, even when it takes all day!)

Did you read that last paragraph and ask yourself, "Who is Pinhead?" I saw "Hellraiser" when I was about 13 or 14 years old, and it was by far the scariest, most disturbing horror movie I had ever seen. A ridiculously short summary of the plot (my interpretation) of a Hellraiser movie is this: There's a cube-shaped puzzle that if solved opens the gates of hell. The Cenobites (one of whom is Pinhead), these weird S/M demons or guardians of sorts, are hell-bent (I couldn't not use this pun) on keeping the puzzle solvers in hell and inflicting some very serious pain on them. Maybe this movie has nothing on movies like "Saw," but I wouldn't know. Hellraiser pretty much kept me from watching anything more than the tame average horror flick. I do regret watching "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with a heaping plate of spaghetti when I was in college and later watching the remake of "Dawn of the Dead" when I was pregnant with Josie, but few movies can compare to Hellraiser. And this seems like a very appropriate spider for the season (if you're not all about Indian corn, smiley-faced scarecrows, and candy corn window clings). For some, Halloween isn't just one day a year.

Materials: black focal bead, black-painted metal bead cap, shimmery white baking clay, black teardrop seed beads, silver memory wire, black bugle beads, silver seed beads, hematite spacer disks, silver wire