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My Opinion: Ghaddafi's demise and death USA and NATO allies secret agenda, African leaders "WHO IS NEXT"

I have been trying to digest what has been happening in Libya since the uprising started, and as NATO decided to befriend NTC I smelled something fishy, and indeed my instincts were correct.

There are so many questions surrounding Gaddafi's death and there’s no one to answer them, not even the so said NTC Transitional government. I do not want to go to the depth of Col. Gaddaffi's sins or good deeds, but rather i wish to stick to a few things which the United states and its NATO allies tries to preach without practicing:

Col Gaddafi was brutally killed and his body was shamelessly dragged across the streets, and minutes later NATO declared that the mission was over: So in my opinion or at least what I understood from their statement is that they did not o there to just help Libyans uproot Gaddafi from power but rather to kill him and humiliate his body which is clearly against Islamic laws. Muslims please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, again in my opinion NATO and other USA allies had no business interfering with what was happening in Libya because of exactly what they taught us "state sovereignty" How come they are always the first ones to breach these rules? There are countries that have been fighting for ages and we do not see them doing nothing. I’m forced to think that what drove them to invade Gaddafi was not Libyan’s welfare but rather the oil and other good resources that Gaddaffi was only using for the benefit of people of Libya. What if we other people decides to think that USA has a bad government will they agree to let us invade them?

Correct me if I’m mistaken but in my understanding 99% of major social services in Libya are free if not almost free. So what did NATO and whoever else was there went to do? Why did they not invade Rwanda and Burundi during the darkest days of the genocide, or somalia, or Angola during UNITA days? or Angola, or DRC? They all went quietly and drove their people home and left Rwandans to finish themselves off. Is it because there is no Oil in Rwanda?

What have they done in all countries that they have been trying to save for all these years? I’m not defending Saddam or any Dictator whatsoever but isn’t it true that more people have died since Saddam Hussein’s demise than during his reign? Again correct me if I’m mistaken 

So what I think and I can not seem to stop thinking about, is that NATO, USA and anybody else who were involved in Gaddafi’s demise are only after Oil and other things that Gaddafi made them inaccessible to the outside world. It is no secret that USA and Europe are undergoing the greatest economic depression of recent decades and whether they agree or not this is another form of colonialism that they are introducing in Africa.

What Africa leaders should ask themselves is “WHO IS NEXT?” which by the way I’m sure they are already doing. Some of us will die poor while singing a poor man’s song that “my country is beautiful and has so many natural resources and wealth………”  wakati wanyama wanasafirishwa kwenda nje kwa ndege na mchanga unaenda kuchujwa ulaya kama una Almasi

God Bless Africa, God bless Tanzania.