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MOUNT Kilimanjaro is among the 28 finalists taking part in the campaign for the global election of the New Seven Wonders of Nature scheduled to end in November this year.

Addressing reporters in Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, the Chairman of Save Mount Kilimanjaro Organization, Mr Ernest Olotu, said that the campaign was launched in July 2007 in Lisbon.

''The 28 finalists were selected from the top 77 based on worldwide voting in July 2009. Mount Kilimanjaro made it amongst the finalists,'' he said.

According to Mr Olotu, Mount Kilimanjaro and Table Mountain of South Africa were the only ones selected in Africa. He called upon Tanzanians and nature-lovers including activists to vote for Mount Kilimanjaro.

''The campaign has not yet taken up proper momentum in Tanzania and Africa at large since it requires active support and advice from high ranking officials and nature lovers,'' he said and added that the Mountain is mostly voted for by foreigners.

Mr Olotu also called upon the public authorities to support Kilimanjaro to win the competition. The campaign is aimed at promoting and encouraging tourism activities in the participating countries.

In another development, the Executive Director with Save Mount Kilimanjaro Organization, a Non Governmental Organization, Mr Omary Mtalika, said that the campaign will be launched nationally soon for Tanzanians to start voting.