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#258: Beetlejuice Spider

An image of the real Beetlejuice
sculpture that I used to create my spider
Every time I tried to think about making a Tim Burton spider, too many images came to mind. Mr. Burton's fantastic artwork and vision have embellished so many movies by now that it's just impossible to make a spider that embodies all of Burton's work. But this first spider in a potential series was the first idea to pop into my head because I remember so vividly in Beetlejuice when the sculptures come to life and are dragging themselves or skittering across the floor. And when I looked for images of the sculptures on Google, well lo and behold, this sculpture looks exactly like a spider! I blended granite and black baking clay together for the body of the spider, but in keeping with all of my spiders, I made sure to bead at least part of it. It has rather odd spider legs--nothing like what I typically do with a spider. But that's also the beauty of Tim Burton. We're often looking at something that only faintly resembles anything real.

I have plans for at least another Tim Burton spider, but it's an ambitious plan, so we'll see. I'm staying away from Batman because I feel like Batman is more about a dark super hero than Mr. Burton. But I'm toying with Sleepy Hollow and I suppose I should also consider The Nightmare Before Christmas. There is a lot to think about. Do any of you have any suggestions? I want to stay away from copyrightable characters, so no Jack Skellington et al. But I would love to hear some ideas.

Materials: black and granite baking clay, rusted wire, black bugle beads, black seed beads