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#254: Aughra Spider

The name Aughra probably doesn't ring a bell, but if I tell you that she's the ogre-like seer in The Dark Crystal who removes her eye and holds it in her hand in order to see something closer, you'll probably remember her right away. She is an astronomer who maintains a huge "orery" that shows all of the worlds surrounding the three suns, which enables Aughra to predict the Great Conjunction, the joining of the three suns. This is probably more than you care to know if you have never seen The Dark Crystal, but the inspiration for this spider is Aughra's eye and the inner workings of the orery. Aughra is probably the most memorable character from The Dark Crystal and plays an important role in turning the story around in favor of the Gelflings.

It's possible that the watch piece that I used for this spider would work with a new battery, but I didn't check to see before making the spider.

Materials: watch piece, gear findings, doll eye, gold bugle beads, silver and gunmetal spacer beads, copper spacer disks, gold spring, gold wire