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#276: Suncatcher Spider

My spider with backlight.

After discovering some really beautiful stained glass spiders on Etsy (from VictoriaPandora), I wondered about making a version that doesn't use actual leading or stained glass. VictoriaPandora uses the Tiffany technique to make her stained glass spiders, which I known nothing about, and thus her spiders are stunning (and huge!). I had about all the fun I feel like having with solder for my spider project when I made my Harvestman spider, and I just don't have access to pretty stained glass baubles. But I do have access to cheap glass decorating marbles (thank you, dollar stores!) and liquid leading (sold at Michaels), so I took my chances with the materials and guess what? It works! Anything heavier than glass decorating marbles and the beads I typically use for my spider legs might not hold up so well with liquid leading, but this is a perfect ornamental piece for a window. Because my glass marbles are so boring, I used ceramic paint pens to spruce them up.
Stained glass spider from

Materials: royal blue glass marbles; liquid leading; ceramic paint; purple and light pink bugle beads; gold, blue, purple, and orange seed beads; gold wire