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#267: Pumpkin King Spider (#3 in Tim Burton series)

Those who were expecting Jack may be a tad disappointed, but I didn't feel like I should wholly duplicate Jack Skellington, giving the spider all of his attributes but with extra legs. So I used a pumpkin head. There's a very memorable pumpkin scarecrow at the beginning of Sleepy Hollow that somewhat inspired this, and Jack's title as Pumpkin King is very fitting. I was lucky to find black and white striped bugle beads, which really were essential to the legs of this spider. And the rest I was able to paint.

Materials: orange clip-on earring piece, gunmetal plastic E bead, puffy bat sticker, white stone bead (painted), black wired ribbon, black and white striped bugle beads, translucent white and orange seed beads, silver wire