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#261: Terminator Spider

As an unstoppable machine with glowing red eyes, the terminator is downright frightening. It's probably a good thing that he no longer vocalizes without his facade. The Austrian accent coming from the cold, hard mechanics under Arnold's epidermis might have lended more to a Johnny 5 vibe than a robot programmed to do very little but kill everything in its path.

The eyes and mandibles on this spider are very different from what I typically do with a spider. It was complicated to adjust the headpin/red bead/eyelet combination into the small shaft of a piece of computer disk drive that I used for the spider's body, but I eventually got it to work.

Materials: computer disk drive component, eyelets, round red glass beads, head pins, gunmetal and silver bugle beads, silver seed beads, plastic pewter spacer beads, silver wire