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Has Jennifer Hudson Lost Too Much Weight?

Jennifer has lost so much weight that she looks like, in my opinion, to a shadow of her former self. Her face is sunken in and she doesn’t look as vibrant as she used to. It is rumored that she is down to a size 0. I am not a hater because I LOVE J-Hud, but I think she looked more beautiful with a little more meat on her bones.

I have been a fan of Jennifer Hudson since she first was on television during American Idol. When it was announced that she was going to play Effie White in Dreamgirls, I was elated. She was the perfect woman to play such a pivotal and bold role and the accolades and awards she received because of it was well earned. There is not much Jennifer could do wrong in my eyes, but I am starting to wonder if she’s lost too much weight.

Jennifer has always been beautiful to me, big or small. As aplus  size woman myself, I could stand to lose a few pounds. But I don’t want to lose my curves or vivaciousness—Jennifer had curves for days and was a beauty despite her bigger frame. When she first lost weight early last year on Weight Watchers, I applauded her. She looked fabulous! But as I look at her again during her latest round of Weight Watcher commercials, something seems amiss. Even after having a baby, Jennifer looked fabulous. She was no Twiggy, but I didn’t think she needed to be.

Here is a picture of Jennifer Hudson in Feb. 2010

I think this beautiful round face of hers is gone, and instead it has turned  to meatless bonny and almond shaped. I hope she doesnt loose any more weight.

We all know how hollywood is,  especially in the entertainment industry. Big girls get love with their talent and voices but aren’t really known as sex symbols. Not saying that Jennifer lost weight to be a sex symbol, but I am sure the people in her corner has urged her to slim down

What do you guys think? Has Jennifer Hudson lost to much weight? Or is she finally the Hollywood standard that she needs to be in order to compete for roles? What’s say you?